Monday, March 10, 2008


Nathalie and baby David are doing well. Nathalie's swelling in her feet had gone down and her blood pressure was down 20 points from where it was. These were all good signs. We are still going to be watching her but are hoping she is out of the woods now. David was up to 5lbs on last Thursday and we'll see him again tomorrow. Hopefully he is still gaining weight. He was a bit jaundiced for the first week and we're hoping that will have gone away too.

I've had one person offer to send money for Sanise and Werna. Lisa is really excited and is praying that she has all of the money by the time she is back in Haiti (she left on Friday and will be back on Thursday). I think I wrote it wrong in another blog entry but Lisa needs $400 total for the whole year. Not $200 a month like I had originally said. The $400 pays for both women to live in the house. This photo is of Sanise and her little girl. Ekrissa and Brittany. Brittany's parents are adopting Jenny and Jeffrey and it was her preschool that Karla, Marissa, and I visited. Jenny and Jeffrey
Marissa, Karla, and I went up to Petionville on Friday after spending the morning at Sisters of Charity. We did LOTS of walking and shopping. Marissa and Karla both got things that they wanted to take home and we all got lots of sun! These 3 photos are from the market that we walked through so that Karla could buy some shoes :)

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