Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Surprise visit

Manna Relief has given us vitamin type things for our kids to take that are supposed to be really helpful. Apparently these vitamins are very expensive in the states but we get them all for free. On Monday Beth got a phone call saying there were some people here from Manna Relief and they wanted to come by and see the kids. They ended up putting on a puppet show, singing with the kids, passing out balloons and toys, and giving us a ton of vitamins. The kids LOVED it!

I'm excited for this weekend! On Friday I am going with the Lynchs (and I'm sure a bunch of other people!) to the beach. We are all ready for a day of relaxing by the water. On Sunday we are doing a sunrise service at Boutillier, a look-out point over Port-Au-Prince. It's an amazing view and I'm sure it'll be even more amazing at sunrise. This photo was taken when my friend Debi was here and went up to the Baptist Mission for lunch and then to Boutillier.

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