Monday, March 3, 2008

Day of Adventures

Karla, Marissa, and IToday was really fun. We sat in on Britt's preschool class then went and had lunch with Hojara's. After that Karla, Lisa, Marissa, Elaine, and I went walking down the ravine and visited some people that we knew or that Lisa knew just from living around there. We spent a couple of hours walking around, got nice and sunburnt, and took lots of photos :)

I really enjoyed just getting to walk around and talk with the people. There is always a group of kids trailing behind when there are white people walking around! It's so funny. And they LOVE having their pictures taken.

We have two women that we've been in contact with over that last month or two that have no place to live. One is Olivia's mom and the other is a 17 year old single mom whose daughter is 14 months old and weighs only 13 lbs (11 months older than Annie but only 2 lbs heavier!). Lisa has found these two women a place to live in a small one room house together and has been giving them food. Olivia's mom has 4 other kids she is trying to take care of and has been sick lately. The single mom is now coming to our sewing school and doing amazing! She loves it and her little girl is getting better every day. Lisa needs to find people that will help sponsor these two women. I believe it's around $200 a month for food/shelter for both women together. She needs some of the money tomorrow to pay for the house. If anyone would like to help, please let me know. (email me!) You wouldn't necessarily need to commit to a monthly sponsorship but a one time gift would be really helpful too! If you can not give money please lift all of these women and their families up in prayer! They definitely need it! This is a photo of the 14 month old little girl. Her eyes are gorgeous!

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