Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a lot of random info

This is Samuel. He's a happy little guy that comes every Tuesday to the Women's Program with his mom. Baby David. He hasn't gained any weight since Thursday but he's doing well. He kept smiling (and filling his diaper...) yesterday. He's beautiful!
Clernise and Jemima. Jemima gained 9 ounces this past week and looks great. She is well on her way to being a chubby baby!
Another new baby boy. He's just over 6lbs and 11 days old. I don't remember what his name is but his mom is Clerciane. He looks like a little old man :)
Karla and Marissa left this morning. It was fun having them here and they really seemed to enjoy their time. I hate watching them say goodbye because that will be me 2 months from tomorrow! I've been with the McHouls for 4 1/2 months already and been in Haiti for 7 months. Just 2 more to go and it is flying by!!!!

I just got an email from Lisa....The house for Werna and Sanise is completely paid for and they have some extra money for beds and food, etc. Praise the Lord!

Almost every single kid in our house has a cold which means I do also. I guess it's unreasonable to think that I won't get sick when I live with 20+ people! Hopefully it'll pass through us all quickly.

OH, we had a lady from our program that also comes to sewing class go into labor yestrday morning. She was in a lot of pain so Beth gave her a check up and we sent her to Doctors Without Borders because it was already planned for her to have a c-section when she went into labor. We asked the other ladies this morning and they said Elamide had a baby girl yesterday. I'll post photos of them the next time we see her.
Sheila had a very pregnant lady show up this morning saying she couldn't take care of the baby when it was born because the father had died. She's coming back tomorrow to talk to John to find out the whole story and he'll let her know if we are taking the baby or not. Pray that the baby will be safe and taken care of if we don't because she doesn't want this baby and someone that was talking to her said she'd probably just throw it out so she doesn't have to care for it. It's so sad!
On a happier note, Sanise and her little girl Jeerzie are doing great! They are both improving every day and Sanise is very appreciative of everything. She's working on making a skirt in sewing class and proudly shows it off every day.


Anonymous said...

Jessica, I will be sad when you leave Haiti, too. I am getting quite in the habit of checking your blog for pictures and insights into Haitian life. I added a comment to one of your entries awhile back. You had asked how Cheryl and I knew each other. I don't know if you saw it, but we both responded.

I hope you get over your cold soon. Who all lives in the house with you? You live with the girls(including Ashley), right? But I didn't realize there were 20 people.


Jessica said...

I just have the 6 girls plus Nadia (16) and her daughter and the nannies at my house BUT I spend a lot of time at our boy's home, too. So that is another 12 kiddos plus staff. :)