Tuesday, March 4, 2008

David and Jemima

We have a few women in our program that have given birth in the last week and a half. Clernise came today with her 10 day old baby girl, Jemima. She weighed in at 7lbs 1oz! great for a Haiti baby. (pictured to the right)

Chelor, another woman, gave birth a few days ago and, from what we hear, is in the hospital. We are not sure what is going on there and have not been able to check on her.

The third woman is Nathalie and she gave birth on Sunday. A few of the women that came to our program today said that she wasn't doing well and couldn't get out of bed. Her feet had been really swollen on Thursday when she was here and her blood pressure had been a little higher than normal. So today we set off to check on her. She was in her mom's house (it isn't really her mom but someone that kinda became a "mom" to her when her mom passed away) which is where she had given birth and seemed to be doing ok. Her feet were still swollen and her blood pressure was very high so Beth and Karla are researching to see what it could be from and what we can do for her here. Her baby boy, David, was born breech but was doing very well. He is a little peanut weighing in at 4lbs 11oz. He is a beautiful little boy! Pictured below is Nathalie nursing David and a close up of David

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Cheryl said...

I know this is probably too late, but if you want to let Beth and Karla know that on the high risk OB unit I work at we give our moms Aldomet and/or Labetalol both prenatally and post-partum.