Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Never a dull moment

So this week and next week Vitani, our laundy/cleaning lady for the girls house is off, which means Beth and I have to take on the task of laundry there PLUS Guerline, our head nanny who does laundry at the boy's house, has missed two days which means we've also had to take over her jobs. One of which is making lunch for all of the kids. It makes our days much more crazy!
We also have a lady in our women's program who is not breastfeeding well and her baby isn't growing. He's almost a month old and still only 6lbs. So she is going to be coming to the girls' house every morning and staying there all day so that we can mae sure she is nursing and we can teach her what she needs to be doing.
Our days seem to be really busy lately and the weeks are flying by! 7 weeks from yesterday and I'll be on a plane back to MI. It's a little scary to think of how fast it's going!

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