Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day at the beach.

The Lynchs, Lisa, and I took off at 8:30 am for a day at the beach. Because it was Good Friday the traffic was almost non-existent and it was a great drive. The ocean felt perfect and we had a great day laying in the sun, swimming, jumping off rock walls, and kayaking! Parker, Sheila, Dan, Lisa, and Maddie
The Lynchs and Lisa bought some lobsters to make for dinner. 7 lobsters for $20 and they are fresh out of the water when you buy them!
Maddie, Parker, Me, Lisa, and Sheila jumping off the rock wall.
Maddie and I kayaking
Now it's Saturday and we are all fried. We had sunscreen on but ran out...oops. We've all been lathering up in aloe! We've decided that beach day should be once a month. I highly doubt that will happen but it would be nice :o)

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God's Plumbline Ministries said...

Aaahhhhh.....we miss you Jes with one s!! We do need another beach day since I'm kinda over all the truck and car catcher drama...