Friday, May 30, 2008

Class of '08

Last night was Alyssa's (my younger sister) graduation. It was weird sitting in the stands watching and realizing three years had already passed since I graduated. Sitting in those seats waiting to get my diploma, I definitely wasn't thinking I would spend 9+ months in Haiti and take 2 years off of school!
Tomorrow is Alyssa's grad party which is perfect timing for me to be able to see a bunch of people after being gone!
Alyssa and Holly Knobloch. Holly and Alyssa are a couple of months apart in age and Mandy (Holly's older sister) and I are 9 days apart. We all grew up together and our families have been close for forever.
me, mom, Alyssa, dad
Also, continue to pray for the women in our women's program in Haiti. Estaphanie is still not doing well and, from the sounds of it, getting worse. Zeus is now in Heaven and no longer living in that horrible hospital. While we were all sad to hear the news I love knowing that he is no longer HIV+ and is as healthy as can be.
Another lady who has been in the program for a long time has a 12 or 13 year old daughter who was raped this past week. Pray for her and especially her daughter.
From what I hear things have been pretty crazy the past week or so. John has been in the states and, in typical Haiti fashion, things are beaking left and right (literally!).
Pray for the McHouls, Lynchs, Tluceks, and Hojaras as they live in Haiti.

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cécile said...

I am so sad for little Zeus... What a sad story...
How to look to his little face on your pictures now...
Poor little boy...