Monday, May 12, 2008

Last Post From Haiti

I'm sitting up in John's office putting the finishing touches on the Calendar we've made for Heartline and also trying to write an article for the newsletter. The latter is not going well.
My plane leaves Port at 12:35 tomorrow. Please pray that it leaves on time!! because I don't have a long layover in Miami and would really like to get home with out too many complications. I'm sure that wish is little far fetched but I can always hope, can't I?!
This will be my last post from Haiti...I was asked yesterday if I would continue blogging or not. I said yes but I'm not really sure because many people reading this are reading it because I was in Haiti. SO, to blog or not to blog? That is the question! What do you all think???

*edit* this is the article I had to write for John...finally finished!

John has been asking me to write an article for the newsletter for a couple of weeks now. It’s the day before I leave to head back to Michigan and I’m just now starting.
I’ve been struggling with what to write because how do you sum up 6 months in just a couple hundred words?
Many people have asked me what I do here and I usually tell them that I make bottles, do laundry when the laundry lady is off, make milk for every meal, pass out Fab for laundry, and keep the nannies in check. That seems like a pretty easy job. But what they don’t see is that I know that Jenny likes to be the boss. I know that Christopher will throw a major fit until he gets a bottle. I know that Ali struggles to find her place between the older girls and the toddlers. I know that Yvie needs to be held during church because she’s out of her comfort zone. I know that Kembert is a tough little guy but loves to give out hugs and kisses.
For the past 6 months I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to love on and care for these beautiful Haitian children. I’ve gotten to know all of their likes and dislikes. Leaving Haiti and saying goodbye to these little ones is going to be one of the hardest goodbyes I’ve ever had to say. In less than 24 hours I’ll hug them all and, through tears, tell them that I love them and am praying for them.


Aimie said...

I know you don't know me but I just had to let you know that I found your blog by accident and it is lovely. You photos are incredible. I have been sharing them with my children here at home. You have quite a gift. Even if you quit this blog you should really continue another.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know whats going on in your life Jess...I would keep reading:)
I will pray for you...I know it will be hard to say good bye tomorrow. Praying for safe travels too!
Thank you again for your tender loving care for our Annie.
Tina and fam

Roberta said...

Hey hon, just remember its only goodbye for now! We have a pretty good idea that you will be going back one day.
We have missed you and are ready for you to come home, but know how much you're loved in Haiti and will be missed.
love you, dad & mom

Anonymous said...

aww Jess, I wanted to cry reading your blog today! While I am so excited to have you back in Michigan so we can hang out I know you will miss everyone in Haiti dearly. I miss them after my 2 1/2 weeks there I can not imagine how leaving after 6 months would feel. I'll read your blog if you keep posting :) See you soon (hopefully).

Jess F

cécile said...

Jessica, I will continue to read your blog, even if you're not in Haïti any more...
I'll pray for you to say goodbye without too much sadness.
All these children are so much important for you, but you are so much important for them too... You'll never forget them, and they'll never forget you...
Thank you for all that you brought for them.
Cécile from France

Cheryl said...

Hi Jess, please know I will be praying for you as you leave Haiti. I have a feeling you will be going back again sometime.
I hope your coming this Saturday will help ease your being away from Haitian kids.