Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wahoo Bay

The Lynch's, Lisa, Renald, and I spent another great day at the beach. It was incredibly relaxing and this time we all brought enough sun screen. Sheila, Lisa, and I spent most of our time floating on the raft. At one point, Maddie came out and was floating with us and when she got off the three of us slid to the back but stayed on...until Dan came up and flipped us off the back!Sheila, Lisa, and I

The beach isn't really the only exciting part of the trip...getting there and back is quite an adventure as well. I wish I could give you an accurate image of what it's like driving here but it's really impossible. Let me just say we saw more naked people, BARELY (and i mean barely) missed getting hit about 3 (or was it 300?) times by overloaded buses going 80mph, a dog getting run over, a couple dead donkeys, more bumps than you could ever imagine...are you getting the point?

Maddie and Parker

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Talk about being the white girl...but I have really cute kids!