Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Latest news

Many businesses and the gas stations have all been broken into. Pretty much all of the major roads were blocked and burning tires are everywhere. Some of our workers haven't shown up but luckily enough came that we are still doing good. John wasn't sure if our security guards would make it so he came to check on the houses and was preparing to have to stay at whichever house didn't have a guard. Luckily both showed up. Things have been quiet by our house, a lot more foot traffic since the tap-taps are on strike but overall we wouldn't really know that anything is going on unless we tried to go somewhere.
If I hadn't eaten in months and the price of food continued to go up I might start a riot, too!
We are still safe here but we need to be careful going anywhere. Schools are cancelled for tomorrow and, if things continue the way they are, will be the rest of the week as well since it sounds like this won't clear up before Friday which is when they want to burn the Palace.
Pray for Haiti and for the safety of everyone here!
This photo has nothing to do with the contents of this post but I like it anyway :) It's Yves, Jessi, and I with Yvie's babies.

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lj said...

Wow Jess. Keep us updated, I don't watch the news here as I don't understand the language so I had no idea. Glad to hear you are still safe!