Wednesday, April 9, 2008


We heard on the radio today that things were going to get a lot worse if Preval (the president) didn't speak soon. As far as we know he has not spoken yet and there are not roadblocks all up and down Clercine. All of our houses are on sideroads off of Clercine. We aren't right on Clercine and none of the protestors come up our roads.

Anyway, this morning things were fine. I walked to Dan and Sheila's house one street over and the only difference was the lack of cars on the road. About 1/2 an hour later Beth, Yvie's parents, and I were standing outside in the yard and heard lots of shouting. We looked out the gate and could see a huge crowd of people going down Clercine. A poor tap-tap was stuck on the road as they flooded the street and was banged on until they finally passed. Dan also got stuck in it but had 2 Haitian men direct him through. All of our nannies have been talking about the "manifestations" that have been happening. We are so glad that all of workers made it to work today!

So, obviously I won't be walking to Dan and Sheila's anymore.

Then this afternoon we all were at Lynch's house just hanging out and working on a few things for the Women's Program then left to go to Beth's house. We got most of the way before running into a roadblock of tires and a bunch of people. They waved the first car through and were motioning for us to go through as well but when we got up there they held up a sign that said, "Kanpe la" (stand there) and wouldn't let us through unless we paid them. We turned around and went back to my house and Beth called John to come and get us.

John came down and said we were going to walk to Beth's house through the roadblock. He said we should have just paid the people a little and they would have let us drive through but for now we'll walk. So, off we went. 6 white people and a little haitian. When we got up to the roadblock a couple of guys were yelling, "the white people can't pass unless they pay us!" but John is great and just started joking with them, shaking hands, being friendly while the rest of us just walked right through. Once we got through the roadblock the road to Beth's house is practically right there so John and Dan left us to walk the rest of the way to Beth's house and they went back to get the car. He did give them some money and had them all laughing again on his way back.

They never threatened us or were mean. They didn't even talk to us except to ask Beth for money and she said John's the one with the money, ask him.

Usually at dark everyone leaves and you can pass through again but if not I might be sleeping at John and Beth's.

We still aren't being threatened and aren't in danger, it's just a major inconvenience and we need to lie low and can't go to any stores or anything b/c all the roads are blocked and stores are closed.

Luckily we have enough food for all of the kids for awhile!

We also have a UN person staying with us because where we live is considered a "red zone" and the UN won't come pick him up. FYI-we've always been a red zone and they wouldn't have come pick him up last week either.
So, that's the update for now. I will keep everyone posted! Keep praying for Haiti and that this passes quickly. We're all preparing for the long haul!

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