Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Photos from Marceline

Group shot: Joseph, Stephanie, me, Bethsabe, Cherie, Naomi, Junior

the toilet we used-sick
probably my favorite part of the trip was going to this waterfall.

Cherie's cousin's little girl
We left for Marceline at 5:15am on Tuesday and drove about 6 1/2 hours on crazy roads. Bethsabe, Naomi, Cherie, and I were all squished into the middle seat of the vehicle the whole way down and back. The only good part of that was that when we hit the big bumps we didn't get quite as airborn!
We got to the village and hung out with Stephanie and Cherie's bio families (that is who we were going to visit-they were adopted through John and Beth 12 years ago) then went to the waterfall.
After we got back they had dinner for us and we ate and sat around then went to bed. Stephanie and Bethsabe slept at Stephanie's grandma's house while Junior, Naomie, Corey(Cherie and Stephanie's adoptive dad) and Cherie slept with Cherie's family. Joseph and I slept in the car. Needless to say, it was night a night of rest.
At 3:15am Junior comes out to the car with everyone and gets us packed and ready to leave. He said he woke up and decided we might as well get going! None of us were too thrilled. It is not like in the states where you could just sleep in the is WAY too bouncy and crazy to even think about trying to sleep.
We finally got into downtown Port-Au-Prince and Junior did a few errands for adoptions and Cherie, Naomi, and I did a little shopping on the street.
Then we were off to head up the mountain to meet Stephanie's bio mom. We left Steph, Naomi, and Bethsabe to eat lunch with the bio fam and the rest of us continued up the mountain to the Baptist Mission for lunch and so Cherie and her dad could do some shopping.
We got home around 3pm which means we spent almost 12 hours in the car on Wednesday! The only time we weren't in the car was the hour or so spent at the mission.
I told Sheila yesterday that I was really tired of riding in the car. I am very excited for normal roads again!
I still have not caught up on my sleep since things have been so busy but I guess I can always sleep when I get to MI...which is in just over 3 weeks! I'm still amazed at how fast time is flying by!

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