Friday, December 26, 2008


today was pretty stressful but we thought that once we got to the airport we'd just get on a plane and be on our way...
4 hours later we're still in the airport and hoping our plane will leave at the newly scheduled time.
we had a hotel for tonight so we tried to cancel it since we won't be getting into FL until at least midnight but they said since it's the day of we'd still have to pay the full price SO we are going to catch a cab (cause of course the shuttle doesn't run after midnight) to the hotel and sleep for 3 or so hours then be up in time to take the 5:30am shuttle back to the airport.
we're so close to warmer weather..... :)
Please pray that we get out of Chi tonight and into Fort Lauderdale so that we can leave on our scheduled flight into PAP tomorrow morning!


Momto13 said...

Just called to check and make sure you got the package at the hotel. So sorry about your flight delays and the exhaustion you are likely feeling once you get to read this comment!
Prayers for safe travels and thanks so much for taking the paperwork down for MAT.

megat said...

I think your blog is really interesting ... especially this post :)