Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Is it bad...

...that I'm already dreading leaving a week from today?!

Today Jenelle and I went to Mother Theresa's. It's always a tough, draining morning. We knocked on the gate a little before 8am and were let in. I always have a hard time talking through the lump in my throat once I walk in to the rooms of crying, sick children. Svenson is 10months old and weighed about 7lbs. He looked like he was no older than 2 months. He could barely reach up to me from where he was laying in his crib. I picked him up and he snuggled right in. These kids are craving touch and love. I held Svenson for over an hour and he eventually fell asleep while I was feeding another little girl then woke up to eat his breakfast. The nanny gave me a bowl of "mush" to feed him but he wouldn't even open his mouth for the spoon. I told the nanny and she made him a bottle of milk to try. In Haiti it is very common to cut the tips of the nipples so that the milk comes out faster. This isn't good for any child but for a little guy as small as Svenson, his stomache can't handle that. I let him drink a little at a time until he started to act uncomfortable. I knew what was coming and sat him up just in time for the couple of ounces he had just taken to come back up. The poor little guy couldn't even keep an ounce of milk in him!
After that one of the Sisters came in and took him to put an IV in.
While they were doing that I picked up a 16 month old girl, Staline, who was longer but didn't weigh much more than Svenson. The nanny had to change the sheet on her bed and had sat the little girl on the floor naked. Staline hadn't eat yet so they gave me a bottle to try with her. She was refusing to drink it so they had me try the "mush" with her. She seemed to want that because she was using her weak little arm to pull the spoon to her mouth when she wanted a bite. After a few bites I could feel her stomache rumbling and I knew we had to take a break if she was going to keep it down.
We left shortly after that and it's so hard to lay the babies back down in their crib not knowing when they will be held again by someone who isn't just there to get their job done (changing diapers, etc).
Thankfully, there are some people working there that really do love the kids and how to properly care for them.


Rebekah Hubley said...

That is so hard to read and puts a lump in my throat! Thank you for loving and taking care of Jonas when I could not! thank God for places like Heartline and GLA. I want to take all of the babies like the ones you saw today, and love them and make them 'better'!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I am also holding back tears for these children. My heart is breaking. I am so grateful that you were able to love on them. What a gift you have and a blessing you are to these children. Will you be able to go back to be with them? Love and Blessings. Anna

Jess Furrow said...

This makes me remember when we went there last year, i can still remember the kids i held and it makes me so sad!