Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Full Day

Today started early and was busy. We had a team come down to do eye exams on anyone who showed up. We were all assigned different jobs and had a pretty efficient system going.

For the first few hours my job was taking them after they were checked in and explaining how to read the "E" chart and telling them how their eye sight was and what we were going to do with them then passing them along to the next person. The second half of the day was supposed to be our child development class but we decided to just feed them and let them all get their eyes checked so we spent a lot of time holding babies while their moms got their eyes checked.

We had one mom bring in her 6 day old baby girl who still does not have a name. The death rate is so high that many Haitians don't name their babies right away because they might not live anyway. It's very sad.

After all the women left Beth, Jenelle and I picked up Yvie from the girls' house and took Agathe (our Haitian translator) home. It's a beautiful drive a little ways up the mountain.

Tomorrow Jenelle and I are going to Mother Theresa's Orphanage for the morning then coming home and baking cookies all afternoon with Beth for the big New Years Party at church.
It's been a lot of fun seeing my Haiti friends. Below is a photo of Brittany and I with 2 babies.

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