Thursday, November 6, 2008

creole lessons

I got to talk to Ruthie (Kesline) on the phone today. She just recently went to Arkansas with her adoptive family. She kept making me laugh with everything she was telling me. At one point she said something about how her brother (who was also adopted from haiti a few years ago) doesn't remember any creole anymore. I said that I was forgetting it too. She asked why and I said it was because I didn't have anyone here that would understand it if I was speaking it to them. Ruthie said, "Well then tell your mom you want to go back and visit and the kids can teach you!!"
problem solved. mom, I wan to go back so that the kids can teach me creole!
btw-Jenelle and I bought our tickets on Sunday! We leave Dec 26 and get into Haiti the morning of the 27th. We will return to the states on Jan 7 but won't be in MI til Jan 8. We are both so excited to now have tickets!


Roberta said...

Well there ya go!! That is SO cute. You have mom's blessing!

Anonymous said...

Kesline is with her family!!!!! That makes me SO happy!!