Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mom and Baby

All of these women are in the women's program. I miss seeing them every Tuesday/Thursday! Vanette and Michael
Fonia and baby
Elamide and baby
Estacey and Jean-Wayford
Guerda and Samuel
Jocelyn and Annie
Marie Noelle and David
Nadia and Salinda


sarah said...

ok i couldn't leave comments on the pictures of emily and the baby but they are WONDERFUL! and thanks for putting up pictures from the wedding! they are the only ones i have seen.

talk to you soon. much love

Anonymous said...

oh my word......David is soooooooo BIG and BEAUTIFUL....yay for prayers!!!! And SALINDA......what a cutie!!

i thought Estaci named her baby joseph...?? did she change his name??

Jessica said...

Thanks Sarah!

Danielle- that picture of David was taken in December...he's grew and changed so much while I was there. As far as I know Estaci's baby was always jean-wayford :) but ya never know! I always called him Johnny and it seemed to stick with the rest of the nannies :)