Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Help send Maddie and Parker to school!

email from Sheila this morning:

Good Morning!
Maddie and Parker started school on Tuesday and are very excited not to be the new kids any more. Being new was a hard one for them but they have done great and have lots of new friends and have connected well with our life here in Haiti because of school. In the past I have mentioned the need for a sponsor for Maddie and Parker to go to school here. To be honest our support has not been enough to cover our cost of living here and school. The school (QCS) has been very kind to us about our payments and is also willing to put our feelers for a sponsor for us. So far, we have not come up with any leads. Maybe you guys now of a family, a church or a business that could sponsor them for school? Here is what we need: Help with school for Maddie and Parker - tuition is $885.00 per month including a hot lunch. If you would like to learn more about their school you can find them on-line at Quisqueya Christian School. Thank you for your help!! Blessings, Sheila God's Plumbline Ministries - Dan, Sheila, Alyssa, Madisen and Parker If you'd like to help send Maddie and Parker to school you can email me at or Sheila at

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