Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Since I went to camp right after going to Indiana I forgot to post the pictures. When I was visiting Mary K we took her boss' kids to the zoo.
I also got to visit R.J. and Charlie. I knew R.J. from my first trip to GLA. He's been home for a little over a year now. It was a lot of fun to see him and meet their family. R.J and Charlie had me laughing the whole time I was there!
Mar and I rented a few movies and just hung out. We also made sure we watched the Bachelorette :)
While I was driving through Indiana I remembered that my roommate from freshman year at Cornerstone had moved to Indiana with her husband earlier in June so I called her and we met up on my way home. We made breakfast, played guitar hero (for a long time), and went out to lunch.

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