Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From Cecile

Awhile back Cecile asked me if she could post about me on her blog and I said yes. When I checked her blog a few days later this is what I read. Cecile lives in France and is adopting Sanderson from GLA. This post definitely made my day!
Jessica will be the star of this new page !
I dedicate it to her, to her kindness and generosity.

This is one of my favourite pics, taken in november 2006 at GLA terrace.
Aren't they all lovely ?

Jessica has been volunteering for several months in God's Littlest Angels and then recently in Heartline Ministries. From august to november 2006, she had 8 kids to care of in GLA. Little Sanderson was one of them, you could see him right in the middle of this wonderful picture, in Jess' arms.

august 2006

september 2006

october 2006

Jean-Fritz, Berlancia and Sanderson in november 2006

same children, almost one year later !

Sanderson ready for a nap, september 2007

Jessica is also the best childhood photographer I've ever known. You can see more pics on her blogs :
here and there !

At the moment, Jessica has returned back home to Michigan where, after a summer of babysitting, she will be going to school full-time to study Early Childhood Development.
And guess what, she plans to return back to Haïti as soon as she can !

Jessica, thank you so much for your care and love for Sanderson. I know you had hard moments with him (worry about health, heartrending parting in november 06), and also joyful and tender ones.
It is up to you for a big part if he is able to bound to his new family in the future.
We both can't wait to see you in Brittany !
Love ***

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Cécile said...

Hey, Jess ! What a surprise to read my post here ! I hope that I didn't make too much mistakes writing in english !!!
Have a lovely day !