Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fedna and Beach Day

Fedna is a little girl with spina bifida currently living at Real Hope For Haiti and is headed to the states on a medical visa. I will be escorting her to Fort Lauderdale to meet Jamie Ivey. The Ivey family will be taking care of Fedna while she is in the states for surgery. Please pray that everything continues to work out and that we have no problems getting Fedna to the states! There's also another little guy with spina bifida who desperately needs to get to the states soon but they are waiting for some of the offices to open up to get his passport. This is still a possibility that he could get his passport by Wednesday when we leave and if he does we will take him to FL as well. Prayers that it happens are greatly appreciated!!

Jenelle and I went with the Mansassero's, Rod and Brittany, and a few others to the beach today. It was BEAUTIFUL! The weather was perfect and the ocean felt amazing!!


four2six said...

Is that asphalt on the road?

debra said...

beautiful photos.

Jessica said...

thanks, debra!

yes it's a paved road and relatively smooth, too. but there are still plenty of animals, cars, buses, and potholes that need to be maneuvered around!! :o)

Jess Furrow said...

that picture of you and ari is really cute :)