Thursday, January 1, 2009

Anpil Photos

Tomorrow Chris, Leslie, and Olivia are coming in to Port and are stopping by for a visit. It will be fun to see them and play with Olivia for a little bit. Then we have the prenatal program. It is normally on Thursdays but since today was a holiday it is scheduled for tomorrow. After that John and Beth are having dinner with some friends so Jenelle and I are going to Manaserro's to hang out.
Just 5 more days here...It really is going fast.
Having fun leading worship just after midnight.

Most of the girls that were at Tlucek's today. It's an amazing group of people!

Ari and I at Tlucek's today.

Marley is John and Beth's dog and Harley (Dan and Sheila's dog) is Marley's son. Harley is living with us til Lynch's get back on Tuesday.

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sarah said...

jess. i am so glad you made it there and that you are able to use your talents to touch so many lives.

i love you!