Monday, September 15, 2008

Bay Li Tete!

Teaching the women in Haiti to nurse their babies has been a huge battle. A few women really get it and see how it helps their babies while others continue to feed their babies cereal, rice, or whatever else they have. Since Nadia lives with the kids and has a baby, the kids saw her nursing Salinda all the time. They heard all of us saying, "Nadia, bay li tete" to remind her to feed Salinda. We also had a nanny who was breastfeeding her little guy during the day and sometimes had one of the women from our program at the girls' house nursing her baby.
I've told Beth and Sheila that I can't even count the number of times I've said, "bay li tete" to all of our nursing moms. I probably said that more than anything else!! :)
Eventually the kids started telling Nadia or the other moms to "bay li tete" whenever their babies were crying and they even started to "nurse" their own babies. This video shows Yvie and Ashley "nursing" their baby dolls.


Anonymous said...

AWWW, love it....soooooo cute!!! I could just hop in there and join them, hey....bay petit'm tete'm!!!

Jess Furrow said...

So Cute, I love it. This next generation learns a lot faster than the older women :)