Monday, June 23, 2008

drunk driving?!

In the last 5 years of driving I've been pulled over twice by policemen. Once for speeding and once for drunk driving. Now, before you freak out about the drunk driving, let me explain!

The first time I was pulled over was when I was driving through Hopkins a couple of years ago....a small town where you can only go 25mph on the main road. I had some of the staff from Camp Beechpoint (where I worked for 3 Summers) in my car and was warned to not go past 30mph or I would get pulled over. Well...on the way home I went 32mph. Thankfully, since it was my first time I didn't get a ticket.

Dancing in the park
The second time was on Saturday night. Ironically, I had a car full of Beechpoint Staff with me and we were heading to Nurse Karla's house (Karla visited me in Haiti!). As I pulled onto Karla's street and started to park I saw flashing lights behind me. CRAP!
We had NO idea why I was being pulled over! The cop came up and asked for license, registration, etc. I gave him my license and he told me not to worry about the rest because he could tell we hadn't been drinking or anything. Apparently the car that was behind us said we were "swerving" and called it in. Did I mention that this was at 12:30am?! The roads were foggy and I'm sure I wasn't driving in a perfectly straight line but everyone in the car was pretty confused as to how someone could have thought we had been drinking. Anyway....

Since we are parked in front of Karla's house all the rest of the staff that were inside were watching the whole thing. SO, Nikki asked if he could make it look like we were really in trouble and search the car. He started yelling at us to get out and put our hands on the front of the car then proceeded to search my car telling me that my camera was stolen and that he found a joint under the seat... HA.

Nikki and me
By the way-by this time another cop car had pulled up with it's lights on. Talk about embarrassing!


Anonymous said...

Oh Jess,

I love seem to be having WAY too much fun.....and all without me....haha!!!

luv ya!!

cécile said...

Hey, what wonderful skies on your pictures !
Cécile from France

Anonymous said...

So I totally never heard the story about you getting pulled over in front of Karla's house and don't worry I was pulled over last summer for 'swerving' and they asked if I had been at a bar or drinking and of course I responded with a firm NO.

Jess F