Thursday, March 12, 2009


Some days I look at my schedule and have no idea how I'm going to fit everything in. For example, this is what my week looks like:
Today/Thursday: special needs lab 9:45-11:45, study for test, do homework, government class 4:30-6, adult/child interaction class 6:15-9:15, spend the night at Jen's and watch Grey's and Private Practice
Friday: watch Maren 7:30-5 and Lila 9:45-1, watch Elias and Gabe 6ish-?
Saturday: watch Lila 11-3, watch Luke 5:30-?
Sunday: church 9-10:30, chicago for the day with Debi
Monday: Maren 7:30-5 (maybe Lila too), class 6:15-9:15
Tuesday: infant room lab 7:30-9:30, infant/toddler dev class 11:30-2:45, government class 4:30-6, watch Lila 6:45-?
Wednesday: Maren 7:30-5, MRI at 8:15pm, out with friends at 9
Thursday: special needs lab 9:45-11:45, government 4:30-6, adult/child interaction 6:15-9:15, spend the night at Jens to watch Greys and Private Practice

repeat again the next week....and the next...and the next. only changing a few things here and there. it's busy! add in car troubles, hanging out with friends, getting hw done, etc and there is not much time left in the day!

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