Thursday, February 28, 2008

Short hair and Women's Program

I finally decided I was tired of having long hair and Lisa chopped it all off for me today! I think I am going to like it so much better than having to wear it up everyday now that it is getting even warmer here.

We have had so many women interested in our Women's Program that we had to spread it out on two different days. Now, the women that have already given birth come on Tuesdays from 1-3 and the women who are still pregnant come on Thursdays from 1-3. We also have sewing school going on at that same house Mon-Fri from 9-12. The ladies are LOVING it and doing great work. AND soon we will be having literacy classes on Mon-Wed-Fri from 1-3. It's a busy, busy house but we are all encouraged by how much the ladies are getting out of these classes.

This is an example of the purses the women are making out of plastic bags! They are great! Venette has been making purses like crazy and all of us that work with her have put in orders for the style of purse we want too! Eventually we will have a store set up for people to buy these things. The money will go into an account for the lady that made it.

This is the daughter of one of the women in our program.
p.s. now that I am using blogspot it is much easier for anyone to leave comments on the entries (hint hint!) So far Tara (thanks Tara!) is the only one who has left a comment!


Anonymous said...

Cute hair, Jess. You look sassy! I like the new blog. Sorry I was outdone by Tara..typical! ;)

Roberta said...

Hey hon, your hair is really cute!
Wow, what an awesome job you are all doing there! We're SO proud of you!
P.S I want a purse!!
Love, mom

Jessica said...

$20, mom :)

Jess F said...

Jess! your hair is cute! I love reading your blog and I wish I could come back to Haiti and see everyone again!

LaDawn said...

I like the haircut. I ended up cutting mine significantly as well. I am really liking it shorter too. Please pass on a big "hello" to Karla from me.